My Insane journey with the exercise program "Insanity".

I have this desperate desire to change my body and I am starting now!

This is a way to track my own progress along with posting various encouraging pictures and quotes to keep myself motivated.

Please feel free to help me by sending your own encouraging and motivating words or even words of advice.

I track the tag 'extremely insane' without the hyphen.

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Day 13: (Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs) Rest Day 2


As I mentioned in the post before this one, I had planned to shift the workouts one day ahead because I took the rest day ahead of the schedule.

I ate well, and I was in the perfect mindset to workout until I decided I was going to go out with a friend for some drinks and a movie. I know it was my choice, but I promised myself I would make these workouts up.

So I didn’t workout again today, but I still stuck to my meal plan (besides having a drink and some fried pickles) but other than that I stuck to it.

I went to bed last night (as I am posting this on Sunday) and I knew I was going to have to give it my all to make sure I was caught up to continue on schedule for the rest of the week.